Recognized problem, solutions... under study.


The depopulation is that old Spanish reality that cries out for help. Voices rise in Aragon, Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha,... And those who implement the solutions are lost in eternal debates.

The apparently active politicians involved concentrate on statistics, studies, consultations, projects and meagre measures.

Meanwhile, people are dying. The situation is approaching the irreversible and those who can reverse the trend disappear or migrate. Who dares to undertake in a desert.

To interpret the statistics

Foto Umbría
Foto Umbría

Incidentally, the famous depopulation has been the main cause of the reduction of unemployment in almost half of Spain. In the economic section of the newspaper Abc a headline proclaimed "The perverse alliance between unemployment and depopulation...". Twenty Spanish provinces see their unemployment rate reduced, but not because of the increase in employment (job creation), but because of the loss of inhabitants, that is, of the working population.

In Malaga, his digital diary tuned a little more. In the last year, 25.000 Malagueños have left the labour market, although it might be more correct to say: the unemployment lists. The causes, half of them have become pensioners and almost half have stopped looking for work, the vast majority of them women. They have gone, directly, to fill in the occupancy box in the concept of HOME LABORS (used by the E.P.A.).

Effect discouragement.

The sad change of the box has been forced, by worse female wages, more temporality, part time work and the critical discouragement effect. A view shared by many men and women, especially under the age of 30. We still have old censuses, demographic regression, population loss and depopulation, which are the same thing. We lack services, communication, training measures, labor, infrastructure...

Acknowledged problem.

They know this very well in Aragon, the most demanding community but not the only one. Ossetians and Turolans maintain the record of demonstrations. The people of Salamanca have already started to take to the streets and in Zamora they will mobilize next June 12, against depopulation.

That empty half of Spain has begun to react. And, it seems, only the social movement can encourage those who have the power and the duty to remedy it.

It will not be for lack of ideas.

A few days ago, a group of Scottish experts, in depopulation, explained to the senators of the Spanish commission that "pride for the region is not enough, opportunities are needed." And that's still in your hands.

Social movement. No return The Real Life.

Movimiento social.

Sin retorno The Real Life.