Movement for the repopulation.


Movimiento para la repoblación.

Durante décadas, la despoblación ha sido más que un problema específico, una musa literaria. Escritores y creadores lo han retratado como esa pérdida sentimental, de lágrimas íntimas e inspiradoras. Pero, estaban señalando el problema. Han contribuido a su detección, quizás menos a la búsqueda de soluciones que en realidad son el trabajo de otros.

Ahora, desde ese mismo mundo de cultura, de escritores y creadores, se levantan voces contra la despoblación o, si lo prefiere, por la repoblación; un término que es más esperanzador y lleva consigo algo del futuro.

Now, from that same world of culture-of writers and creators-voices are raised against depopulation or, if you prefer, by repopulation; a term that is more hopeful and carries with it something of the future. 

Culture is involved in the movement. 

They too have been born and lived in villages and their memories rob them of minutes of reflection and some longing. And, deep down, an ancestral emotion of rooting or belonging and some pride, I suppose. But longing does not feed, nor does it encourage anything on its own. To walk and join in the path of those other voices that cry out for repopulation and bet for the movement, is a demonstration of commitment.

Writers for the repopulation.

Novel -with his work: "The Invisible Fire"-, proposes to the competent authorities the application of tax exemptions in those territories of the Spanish inside threatened by depopulation. A petition already demanded from various social sectors in communities such as Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha... J. Sierra is a Turolese conscious of repopulation, active in contributions and support for his fellow citizens.

Another Aragonese writer, (also a Turolense, and not to be an accident) Luis de Romero, professor of Geography at the University of Valencia, analyzes in depth the causes of depopulation and proposes real alternatives. He knows that fleeing the city and wanting to go to town are two very different things. In his book "depopulation and abandonment of the rural environment. The impossible defeated" exposes difficulties and raises the custody of the territory and the planning of programs for university students and students of Training and Research Centres.

Take advantage of the emerging knowledge of students determined to examine problems and work for and in rural areas. As a "Labordeta program", another Aragonese committed and missed, but promoting the study of resources, science, research, environmentally friendly technologies...

As Luis Romero says, "The problem of depopulation is not solved by an administration or by a legislature." But the movement is shown walking. NO RETURN The Real Life.