My business in town..


I'm an artist and I moved to my village after launching a business in the city. The current crisis and the lack of sustainability of my sector were the main triggers for this decision.

As the whole Alcarria is a quiet town, I would venture to say. My free time has become the admiration of what surrounds me, leaving behind those evenings of cinema and friends in Cuenca. The truth is that when I came to Albalate de las Nogueras, I thought it would be a passing thing, that it would not last long. But it has not. In these three years I have realized that we have many alternatives, they are not easy, but there we have them. It's all about fighting for personal goals.

Thanks to this change, I am still with Tribool, which has been my project for nine years now, not the way it started, but we still think it's important. Currently I work on the internet, with an online store. Making the customers is the most complicated because my product is not of first necessity and is something very special, I usually attend important fairs and markets in Madrid and so to introduce my philosophy and my work. In this way, I have managed to turn my expectations around in the village. Today, I think maybe it was one of my best decisions, to leave the noise of the city for the peace of the people. As an artist I have gained time and resources, which otherwise would have been impossible. 

I believe in life in the village, in life better! We only need projects like Sin Retorno, to make known all the good that it has to be "village" because the benefits are very high and unique. I would like to collaborate with you in some way. I am not an interior designer and so I do not register for your interior competition. But, I know I have much to contribute and you to me. Javier. A greeting to Without Return The Real Life.