"Bolero", the new and growing profession of our young people.


If we look at Wikipedia, the meaning of Bolero, we will find this: -It is a musical genre of Cuban origin, very popular in all the Hispanic American countries. Unfortunately, our "bolero" has nothing to do with: -Say of young people, who have had some impact on the audience, due to their passage through one of the multiple reality shows, which ravage the television networks, and then they have dedicated themselves to the so called bowling, in discotheques and nightclubs. - A promising future... free drinks all night long and the total adoration of his unconditional followers... if we dress this up, with which everyone hooks up with everyone, looking for "true love"..., we find a lot of fictional stories created by their representatives and managers of the chains, always ready to fill their pockets with money at the expense of "effort" of their representatives... an endless series of tricks designed to win the audience's favor at any price... and in this case the price is very clear, We elevate someone we walk him through the most famous discotheques... let him feel like a "king/queen", acclaimed, with his very presence... and when his ratings go down... to another.

After a lot of effort and dedication, the Real Life, which is a serious project designed to fight against rural depopulation and youth unemployment, finally arrives. Offering young couples the possibility of working in rural areas with a decent and stable job, they will also live in the new sustainable eco houses prepared for them ... . No more bowling, no more staging..., what No Return The Real Life offers its participants, is the possibility of starting a new life, based on respect, fellowship, equality, ecology... a real future... for life.