Beekeeping produces a large number of benefits.

The pollination of plants in bloom, wild or cultivated, is indispensable for life to continue on the earth. An essential process, of inestimable value. Honey is the most popular of beekeeping products, not the only one although . A beekeeper takes care of the bees, in all aspects; from the maintenance of the place to the continuity of the hives. A great responsibility, which requires effort and learning. Especially if we think that it is essential to ensure that bees do not disappear, and not for the survival of the species or for pure ecological conscience, but also for the economy.

Honey can be imported, pollination NO.
The global demand for honey is real. There is even a luxury market. The most expensive honey in the world is obtained from a cave at 1.800 meters deep, in the Turkish city of Artvin, and its price reaches 5.000 € per kilogram.
Spain is the leading European producer of honey, with almost 2.5 million hives. Production is 34,000 tonnes per year. Although far from achieving these market prices, honey is a major source of income that may be at risk.