Creating the Future 2019

After several decades of depopulation of towns and villages throughout Spain, we have witnessed a progressive abandonment and deterioration of cultural identity and rural heritage. Places with a peculiar way of life based on forest, agricultural and livestock exploitations, among others, that allowed to live in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment. The gradual depopulation, brought with it the loss of culture and identity of its own; agrarian and forest infrastructures, customs, traditions, history ... as well as the Cultural and Archaeological Artistic Heritage. Now more than ever and due to the deep crisis that plagues the young entrepreneurs and not so young of this country, NO RETURN The real life is a project that consists of repopulating rural areas at risk of abandonment, with young entrepreneurs providing them: HOUSE brand new + STABLE EMPLOYMENT.

It consists of 2 parts: Casting & Real Life.

NO RETURN The Real Life, is presented as a project capable of teaching a alternative life for young entrepreneurs and thus do our bit to fight against youth unemployment and the continuing depopulation of rural areas. The tools to achieve it are those offered by the 21st century; Internet and the audiovisual world, placed at the service of a social objective. A good cause that will lead the public to meet the true heroes of the 21st century.

The format, created by NO RETURN The Real Life, does not leave anyone indifferent, fundamentally, because its objective is social, also in the social and economic moment that Spain is living. An initiative of these characteristics is presented as essential.

The repopulation of the field and its rejuvenation are objectives shared by public institutions, both Spanish and European. The Real Life aims to contribute to these objectives and to achieve a future for young entrepreneurs of working age who do not have employment and, therefore, can not access independent housing, in addition, place it in areas that need it.

The fundamental commitment of No Return The Real Life, is to teach the world a new and viable alternative of life, in addition, as an example of this accessibility to be able to settle down for those who want it in the multiple zones of rural depopulation that exist WITHOUT RETURN The Real Life will provide a brand new HOUSE and STABLE EMPLOYMENT to young entrepreneurs.

The NEW NEIGHBORS with their virtues and defects, will have to get ahead day by day, learning and living together.

The audience will live with them, suffer with them and be emotional with them. They will be the new heroes of real life.